A bit about me –


Hello and thanks for visiting the website.  I want to provide a small background and give the reasons for setting this up.

I am a 34 year old male living in Lancashire with my wife, 2 children and dog.  I have been a police officer since March 2007 and worked mostly in a frontline role. Around 2012 I noticed I was struggling with stress and anxiety.  This has continued to be a struggle up to December 2016 where I was diagnosed with PTSD and Panic disorder. Despite the issues I was encountering during this time I knew that running helped me stay focused. I have tried to think of ways to help others suffering from these issues and this website is the start of that.

I am due to start treatment in February 2017 and I hope to be able to pass on knowledge I gain during this journey.  I hope that the website may inspire others to take up running or some form of exercise as a means of dealing with the challenges we face in life.

I recently attended a meeting where we had an introduction to Yoga.  A simple class getting you to focus on your body with the aim of relieving stress and anxiety.  I can see how this works.  I think this is how I have used running. Planning the routes, having a targeted time to achieve or reaching distance milestones all take your mind away from the triggers which cause issues.  Obviously, the more exercise you do the fitter you get so there are a number of benefits.

My hope is that others share their experiences on here and we can grow a community.  Please get in touch if there is anything you think could improve the website or anything you would like to see.