Its all a bit daft….

So…after setting this blog/website up a couple of weeks ago it has taken me some time to try and figure out what I wanted to post (I have been writing this for 3 days!!!).  My original idea was for it to be a place I can put my thoughts and experiences of using running to combat my mental health problems.  I think I will use this first post to give a brief explanation as to what I mean.


I have been running for a couple of years now.  It has allowed me to fight anxieties and stresses which would usually develop at work.  I have found this to be very beneficial in the past.  There are the obvious health benefits but I found it more important than that.  Running allowed me a place to go and think.  It gives me a place to organise my thoughts. It allows me to feel I am doing something with that horrible anxiety feeling I so often have. I have found that going for a run gives me the release I need from anxiety and helps me feel as though I can burn it off.  I don’t get much time away from anxiety and sometimes this is the only chance I get. It often comes back quickly but that brief period away from the anxious thoughts and feelings is such a relief!

I have found the Parkrun to be a great help for this.  If you haven’t heard of the Parkrun before they are organised 5K events across the country every Saturday at 9am. When I first started going it was a bit of a strain as I wanted to have a drink on a Friday night but now that isn’t a problem.  I don’t drink very often anymore and I put this down to the Parkrun.  It allowed me to see there is something else to life other than getting drunk of a weekend.  I definitely used to use alcohol as a crutch for my mental health issues.  I would recommend the Parkrun to anyone.  Everyone is so friendly and there is a support amongst the runners that go each week.   I know I want to be more involved and hope this year to push myself and be involved in the event helping out where I can.

The best thing about running for me is going out and finding new routes.  I love to see a new footpath sign for a trail I haven’t been down.  I like the feeling of being out exploring.  It helps me take my mind away from whatever is going on in there.  I am hoping to take more and more photos and will post the best ones I get on here.  I encourage others to do this as well.  I’m hoping to set up a facility where they can be shared on the website.

Running is a big part of my life now.  Some days are a struggle to get out of bed and achieve anything.  It may sound daft as the two are opposite ends of the spectrum but I can often convince myself that I’m not going to let the mental health issues get the better of me and get out for a run.  The last time i did this, a couple of weeks ago I managed a half marathon.  I wouldn’t have dreamed of being able to do this even 6 months ago.

I hope to update this blog a couple of times a week.  Please let me know what you think.

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